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Thursday, June 11, 2020

How Students Are Helping to Overcome Barriers to Virtual Learning

Overcome Barriers to Virtual Learning
There was a time when virtual learning was just a dream but the advancement of technology and the use of computers and smartphones have revolutionized the entire system. Now virtual learning is just a small term in the big world of technology and Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, and numerous other online platforms have enables millions of people from all over the world to get connected at one time and one place within a few seconds only. These advancements have helped to overcome the barriers to virtual learning and made it easy for learners to make the most of their time and resources.

Internet and computers are also shaping the way students learn; these days not every student is required to attend a school, college, or university. They can now attend virtual classes and continue to learn just like students who attended the academic institutes. According to an assignment writing service, virtual learning has the potential to improve the students’ achievements, enhance educational access, and provide cost-effective solutions when they have no other choice.

Virtual learning makes use of computer software like tools or applications to deliver instructions and guidance to students. This reduces or ruled out the need for teachers and students to come together in a physical classroom and the online platform makes it easy for both parties to better communicate with each other and achieve their goals.

However, like anything else that is newly introduced and presented, virtual learning also faced some barriers and it was not very easily implemented in academic circles or accepted by parents and students. It is only when the results of virtual learning were observed and the students’ progress was monitored that virtual learning became an accepted form of education and began to take its place in society. Discussed here are the top ways how students played a key role and helped in overcoming the barriers to virtual learning:

Adaptability has played a key role in helping students get rid of any barriers to virtual learning. Switching from the traditional classroom and face-to-face academic process with the instructor to computer-based learning was no doubt tough, but the students adapted to this change very efficiently. With course management systems, students accepted the new learning methods with open heart and mind which helps them do a great job and learn in a much better way. Students became accustomed to listening to online lectures, taking an online class, and submitting their work on an online platform, and this played a key role in the success of a virtual learning environment.

Students make an effort to learn how the technology works, how the virtual classrooms operate, and what technical understanding they require to become a part of this system. This played a significant part in helping students overcome the barriers to virtual learning. Many things can pose a hindrance to technological development such as lack of knowledge, insufficient equipment, and most of all internet issues. Students living off the campus can find it tough to tune in with the technical requirements of the college or university but they made efforts to understand what they need to do to do things the right way and it helped them immensely in dealing with every problem and achieve their goals. 

Self-motivation is a big factor and it can help immensely when it comes to eLearning or online learning. Most of the students feel less motivated to learn or focus on their education when they are not sitting in a classroom or do not interact with teachers face to face. It is only with their positive attitude and will to succeed that students have reaped the benefits of virtual learning. A majority of people working in key positions in the global job market have benefited from virtual learning which goes on to show how it is making a difference in the lives of learners.

Students have been able to overcome all the problems related to virtual learning by managing their time most efficiently. This is one of the most difficult tasks as online courses require a lot of time and intensive work, and often due to flexible timings, the students end up missing important tasks. It is only with proper planning and time management that students made virtual learning programs a success. If it would not have been for the dedication and focus of the students, virtual learning platforms might have failed miserably. With students' ability to understand and cooperate, virtual learning has become a great platform, helping millions of students achieve their academic and career goals without wasting time or effort.

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